Client support

We offer a reliable service in the use of the systems, legislative updates and software maintenance, as well as development on demand. 

After commissioning of the systems, we create custom service packages for our clients.

The service packages offered with our applications contain customer support and maintenance, as well as legal update.

Basic customer support services


As part of our Helpdesk service, we receive client inquiries and/or comments related to our programs and processes implemented.

In our general customer service, our trained Helpdesk consultants assist with resolving minor issues and provide information about the programs. This channel is a primary channel for reporting development and consultation needs, which will be forwarded by our Helpdesk consultants to our expert colleagues.

Reports can be sent to where our staff regularly reads incoming e-mail and will respond you.



We believe it is important that we are a reliable partner in need, ensuring that solving any problems swiftly is in our mutual interest.

In certain cases, help is needed immediately and swift support guarantees that daily operative tasks are carried out on time and without extra costs.

Our Hotline phone service can be called in case of an emergency from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on business days.


Legal update service

Legislative changes affecting the functionality of software products delivered by us will be processed by Régens in the software products used by clients or on custom-developed software, the relevant master data files will be changed and new versions will be provided to the Client (in the form of installer packages). If there is a relevant, valid service package or based on a separate order, we can do the installation as well, as part of on-site service.


Warranty service

We provide warranty for programs, modules and custom functions delivered by us; this means that whenever any program errors occur, we repair the error promptly and free of charge, then deliver the patch to the client within the agreed timeframe.


Key account support services

We recommend our customer support and maintenance package with each software (more details here); but it may happen that the availability level offered in that package is not sufficient for our client; therefore we created our multi-level service palette which can be adapted flexibly to any need.

The optional key customer priority service packages offer a possibility for each client to benefit from guaranteed availability in line with their custom needs.

Key service package

We recommend our key service package to our clients to whom time is a relevant factor; so the guaranteed Helpdesk and Hotline response times may be shorter than in the basic package. Our clients with a key service contract and benefit from higher priority.

Our key service package may be supplemented with remote access support and other services which can play a major role in the effective and swift solution of problems.

Premium package

If it is important, besides quicker support, to also have a dedicated consultant or a higher level of IT service included in the service, so we recommend our Premium package to these clients.

Priority Client package

Clients having this package are handled with priority, which means immediate availability, as well as an option to have regular personal consultations. We recommend this service package to clients who work with complex customs IT processes requiring constant supervision and revision, and where maintaining continuous operation is critical.


Customized support services

The aforementioned packages can be adapted flexibly to custom needs, based on the following major factors:

  • Guaranteed Helpdesk and hotline response times
  • Dedicated consultant availability
  • On-site presence, personal consultation
  • Service contingency
  • Extended work hours, even on weekends
  • User support through remote access
  • IT services through remote access
  • Database operation