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Since the founding of Régens, our mission has been to provide high quality services to our customers. Our company provides complete solutions for custom software development, cloud and IT services, and web and mobile developments. We have several solutions to prevent the most common business problems, which we customize, integrate and further develop as needed.

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Our main goal is to improve the competitiveness of our customers with the help of our innovative solutions, and we not only provide support in IT issues, but also provide professional consultancy services related to expert IT systems.

In our Advanced Enterprise Software and Digital Services business branch, the design and development of business software solutions, automated business processes and integrated systems play a key role. With our full-fledged ERP system, logistics, customs and financial processes can also be managed.

We have been dealing with customs informatics for more than 20 years, during which time our CustomRs customs informatics solution has achieved an outstanding, market-leading role in the domestic market. CustomRs are widely recommended, from basic customs clearance to complex economic customs clearance. We pay special attention to process automation, so our customers can achieve uniquely efficient and precise operation. We are extremely proud to serve the customs clearance of low-value packages to our customers in a huge volume, reliably and stably. We are pleased that more and more of our customers vote for us every year and use our cloud service, thus guaranteeing the stable operation of our company.

Complex activities

Our integrated customs IT solution supports a wide range of customs clearance activities, from normal export/import customs clearance to economic customs processes.

As part of our legislative tracking service, we ensure the regular and constant tracking and compliance of the legal environment; we try to anticipate the implementation of new legislation in the pilot phase in cooperation with the officials of NAV.

By monitoring the application environment, and in cooperation with the professional organisations, we strive to ensure that our software is up-to-date, and serves as an effective professional support tool in every aspect.

We actively participate in designing the customs processes of our customers, and our expert consultants assist in optimizing the administrative tasks.

We try to support our customers' ideas to the maximum from an IT point of view, and we implement them with individual developments, so that all farmers can fulfil their registration and accounting obligations in the most convenient way for them.

Our customer service is at your disposal during the day-to-day operational work, we try to provide quick and efficient help in case of any questions or problems.

In addition to the general customer service, a dedicated counsellor is also available to help our customers. With our dedicated expert service we provide quick solutions to any questions that may arise, and make suggestions to improve processes.

Our IT specialists are also available in the operation of applications and IT infrastructure, database operation and maintenance tasks.

Here's how we work

At Régens, we believe that it is not the company's processes that need to be adapted to a boxed software. The goal is to implement efficient and customized processes, so we are available to our customers from contact to delivery and beyond. We place great emphasis on tailoring our workflows to their needs, but it is also important that ready-made solutions are available on time. In development projects, we prefer the agile method, which ensures continuous negotiation, customization of sub-processes, and the fastest possible deployment.

Our colleagues who are experienced in assessing processes offer the best solutions, as our common goal is for the program to provide adequate support in our day-to-day work. Considering this, we develop data integration (individual interfaces) and automated processes where possible. After commissioning, we will continue to stand by our customers, which means extensive customer support, compliance and a high level of availability on demand, in addition to general customer service.



Why choose Régens?

We believe in IT solutions that provide maximum support to our customers in achieving their business success. We are proud that with our professional knowledge and innovative approach we have helped and created value for our clients in many projects so far.

Based on feedback from our users, we are happy to use our software because it is easy to use, flexible to fit individual ideas, and provides comprehensive help from day-to-day tasks to more complex processes.

Our well-prepared, innovative colleagues are eager to face new tasks and challenges. We take special care to select and train our employees to support our customers with reliable expertise, the latest technologies and always up-to-date knowledge.

Our goal is always to find a successful and effective solution.


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