Our Advanced Enterprise Software and Digital Services Dept. has started 2019 with new projects


In the first quarter of the year, several new and existing customers have entrusted us with the development and implementation of solution concepts for their unique processes.


The key benefits of the AWS Cloud over on-premise hosting


For a long time, the only option for any company was on-premise operation. The question may well arise: Why should something that worked so far be replaced? However, the widespread use of Amazon Web ...


We have developed our AI speech recognition solution optimized for the Hungarian language


Speech recognition solutions based on artificial intelligence open up many untapped potential in all business sectors. Programs recognizing the English language are spreading explosively, but the Hung...


The number of cars placed on the market is extremely high


In the first half of 2018 150,000 cars were registered in Hungary.


Some good advice for individuals about foreign orders


There are many people asking us about what they need to pay attention to in case of ordering online from abroad, so we've collected the most important information about this subject in our article.


Nyomtatványtervezet a 2017.07.01-től hatályos Jövedéki változásokhoz (17J03)


A Nemzeti Adó-és Vámhivatal hivatalos oldalán tette közzé a 17J03-as nyomtatványtervezetet mezőazonosítókkal.