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    The growth and development continue to this day, and our application offers a complex solution for facilitating the customs processes of the 21st century at the highest level.

  • 2019

    We exhibited at Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich, where the main focus was placed on our cross-border customs clearance software solution, CLARE.


    We continued the development of our product named VATapp in order to adopt to the changes made in the NTCA Online Invoice system.

    Our Távszámla service was started, which supports the forwarding of paper-based invoices on the Internet.

    To establish easier and faster communication between customs agents and their clients, we created our new application, e-VamP.

  • 2018

    As 2018 began, we started to prepare for the real time, online data supply obligations effective as of 1 July 2018.


    We welcomed new customers in the Cloud.

    The development of the standalone application, Régens VATapp was finished, which helps with the online data supply to NTCA.

    We released Régens REGadó, our new web-based application, providing our existing and new customers a reliable solution to fullfill their obligation of registration tax notifications.

  • 2017

    In preparation for the new legislation of excise duty's entry into force, we developed our excise sofware solution e-Jövedék2017.


    We released our web application NCTS Pocket, aimed at supplying a user interface for the declaration of customs value right at the spot of arrival, to accelerate the process.

    The VJASZSZ IT Department was formed, led by Régens Zrt., whose objective is to provide assistance on IT side for member companies of VJASZSZ and other organisational units in a broader sense in customs, excise duties and customs clearance procedures.

    Transemex Kft. - a satisfied customer user of CustomRs customs software for years - also choose Régens' solution for warehouse management. 

    Nufarm Kft. company choosed our automated EKAER declaration solution.

    We welcomed Berner Kft. as our customer, who is first to use our EKAER software in the Cloud.

    The Hungarian department of Sanmina decided to continue using the well-established CustomRs customs system with our Cloud services.

    The automotive industry supplier company Magna Car Top Systems Kft. opted to use Régens' Cloud customs solution to support their customs activities.

  • 2016

    CustomRs, the professional customs software or Régens became available in the cloud. With CustomRs Cloud, infrastructure and software investment costs can be avoided and data can be accessed for our customers virtually anywhere, anytime.


    The Union Customs Code (UCC) with its introduction in May 2016 moved the market of companies with customs operations. Our CustomRs customs software implemented the new legal requirements and changes free of additional charge. With the cease of processing under customs control and active drawback procedure, we implemented the now applicable inward processing (suspension system) for many international companies.

    We welcomed a new customer whilst the entry of UCC: Sanmina Magyarország Kft, who has chosen to use our professional customs solution CustomRs.

    We introduced the web interface of our SCM solution for company Gondrand Kft, which integrates with our software GroupBy, to ensure a more efficient and transparent flow of information among supply chain actors.

  • 2015

    We release our EKAER Comm application.


    Aim to the clouds: We are awarded with the trust of a new customer, AVON, which entrusts us with the comprehensive oversight of its customs system.

    Two former business units of Régens, the Customs and Excise Business Unit and the Business Management Systems merge and is at the service of our Customers as the ERP business unit.

  • 2014

    A new module has been added to the customs software range of Custom[R]s: eDoc by Régens is a web-based document management and filing system which ensures easy management of documents and other forms as well as processing and electronic storage thereof.

  • 2013

    Two of our latest customers, Fedex and Panalpina, also choose Custom[R]s by Régens.

  • 2012

    Ágnes Abonyi, Head of the Customs and Excise Unit, is appointed manager of the Other Service Providers unit of MVSZ. 


    We developed a complex customs IT process for Vámimpex Kft. for the management of processes under customs control.

  • 2011

    We are proud to participate in the pilot phase of EBEJ; and as such, we have the opportunity to actively cooperate in the development of the new reporting obligation, and the primary testing phase. It is a special honour to participate in the project on behalf of our Customers (Flextronics and Expeditors).


    We publish our Event Manager application, which serves the convenience of our Customers with its automatic notification options (SMS and email) up to this day.

    Régens' new consultancy services are launched for enterprises striving to attain authorized economic operator (AEO) status.

  • 2010

    We complete our EMCS Comm application, which supports the implementation of the reporting obligations associated with excise products in full compliance with relevant regulations. Naturally, our new application is made available to our Customers in integration with the excise module of Custom[R]s. 


    GYSEV implements Régens' warehouse management, shipping, and customs IT systems.

  • 2009

    Export customs processes can only be initiated in an electronic procedure (AES) from July 2009. Simultaneously, we launch our webEV application.


    eDoc, our electronic documents management application, is completed, which is made available to our Customers in integration with the Custom[R]s customs IT system.

    The integration of the customs application to the business management system is implemented at NI Hungary Kft.

  • 2008

    Wincanton (currently Raben) and Diebold choose Custom[R]s for the support of their customs activities.

  • 2007

    The possibilities of e-customs enters the paradigm of customs IT systems with novel developments, which lays the foundations for the first steps toward paperless offices and comprehensive electronic business management. We are among the first to join the AIS/AES systems, and based on a kind invitation from MVSZ, we introduce the possibilities offered by the system in a joint demonstration with VPOP. 


    AVON, Schenker, Hankook, and Flextronics choose Régens' Custom[R]s solution, which they integrate into their ERP system.

  • 2006

    Caterpillar (currently Neovia) chooses Régens' Custom[R]s customs software to manage its customs processes. 


    The excise module of Custom[R]s is completed.

  • 2005

    Major market players, including DHL Express, NI Hungary, Vámkapu and UPS, choose the customs solutions developed by Régens.

  • 2004

    The EU accession significantly reorganizes Hungary's legal system, therefore in 2004 has been reorganized Custom[R]s is already available in its current form to our Customers in its current, reorganized version. Meanwhile, the support and development team of the application evolves into Régens' self-contained business unit.

  • 2003

    Versteijnen, a Scandinavian logistic service provider, chooses to implement several Régens solutions, including Custom[R]s, Track and RégensBook, in their operation. General Electric (GE) and Siemens choose Custom[R]s in integration with their ERP systems, for the support of their customs activities.

  • 2002

    Alpine, one of the world's leading auto Hi-Fi sound system, mobile multimedia, and car navigation system manufacturers, chooses to implement Custom[R]s in their operation.

  • 2001

    Our first customer begins to use the application for the support of customs activities in the industrial free zone.