Fast and easy web-based EV filling


Using our web-based application you can quickly fill out customs declarations and send the data to the customs office electronically, easily, and fast, via the internet. webEV by Régens


If customs clearance is only required a few times a week as part of the standard procedure, and you would like to manage this process in a simple and flexible way, WebEV is the best solution for you.

Our application supports customs clearances according to standard procedures (e.g. release into free circulation, export) where the electronic clearance (AIS, AES) is possible.

WebEV is particularly beneficial to companies with multiple locations. As it is available via the internet, our application provides a fast and effective solution without the need for a client application or use of a terminal server. WebEV makes filling out customs declarations easy.

Users do not need to be concerned with maintaining the application. We are responsible for the data and installing new versions of the programme.


Why choose WebEV?

Favourable payment terms

No need for maintenance


Fast and easy to fill out customs declarations 

No installation costs

The programme is accessible from any device with an internet connection


You can start filling out customs declarations within five days after registration 


We offer WebEV for those businesses, who

  • manage customs clearance as part of the standard procedure,
  • prefer an electronic solution for customs clearance (AES and/or AIS),
  • would like to manage their own customs clearance in a fast and easy way,
  • are looking for a cost-effective solution,
  • have multiple locations,
  • and would like to organise issued customs declarations in various ways.

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Fast and easy web-based EV filling!