System audit and process screening

System audit and process screening


Do not you sometimes feel like that… 

…data capture is a time-consuming work?  

…you are always a step back?  

…a professional team could achieve more?  


Let’s find the solution and the best way to efficiency together! 

In many cases, the ones who work in process cannot see the big picture, therefore it is sometimes necessary for outsiders to help and improve processes with their advice and insights.

It is common, that the software somebody uses will provide significantly wider and richer functionality than what it is used for. This can be due to incorrect or incomplete settings, but may also result from the lack of detailed knowledge of functionality. Increasing efficiency and consequently, reducing costs can be reached by maximizing the use of existing infrastructure, including software and related services. 

With the knowledge of the above we offer our service to our Clients.


it audit process


In accordance with the ever-changing legal and business environment we offer comprehensive system service and process screening periodically, with the primary purpose of finding answers to the following questions: 

  • do the existing processes really serve the strategic goals? 
  • is the process sufficiently supportive or requires rethinking? 
  • do all the members involved know the system processes? 
  • do all the associates involved really use the program effectively? 
  • can the system effectively support the daily operation? 


The purpose of the process screening is to: 

  • set the required system defaults 
  • suggest routines that support the daily operations 
  • propose business process optimization 
  • suggest efficiency increasing operations 
  • discuss user remarks and questions. 

Increase the efficiency of your existing processes and systems!