IT services

Régens is a complex IT service provider, which means that our clients are provided professional software products, as well as served by a team ready for extensive operation and maintenance tasks.

We provide IT service on the client-supplied infrastructure, but we also have a modern solution in cloud applications, as well.

Maintenance is often requested along with our software (e.g. installation) and we can take care of that easily and quickly by remote access provided by the client. Installation of new versions at clients who use our IT service can be carried out with priority given. In this case, naturally, installation is always executed by an expert, who is thoroughly familiar with the systems, which guarantees minimal downtime.

Our IT services are available not only as an add-on service with our software, but also as a service in itself. Our expert IT team is ready for any hardware procurement, network development, system operation, database maintenance or general IT support.

System operation

As part of our system operation service, our qualified experts carry out comprehensive IT system operation either at the Client’s premises or through remote access.

System operation services

  • Complete system surveillance by remote or local administration
  • Continuous system monitoring
  • Comprehensive IT infrastructure design and setup
  • Supervision of Régens systems or other preferential systems
  • Permanent monitoring through locally installed system administrators or local work by remote system supervision
  • Hardware asset purchases, supervision, maintenance
  • Procurement of software licenses
  • Program updates, maintenance

Oracle DBA services

Our applications are based on the Oracle database management system which ensures a safe and stable background. Database maintenance and control is a regular activity, as this is the only way one can ensure that sensitive business information can be restored with the lowest possible data loss and within the shortest time possible in the case of an infrastructure or system error.

Our Oracle database experts offer professional support in database operations and maintenance at the level required by our clients.

We provide the following tasks in database operation:

  • complete operation service which includes
  • development of a backup strategy
  • continuous monitoring of databases, table-space control
  • regular backup checks
  • Periodic DEMO database update with LIVE data
  • database migration (with server replacements or operation system upgrades)
  • database supervision
  • restoration and correction in the case of critical errors