Customs IT consulting

Régens’ customs department provides the needed support with its vast consulting services.

We want our clients to be proficient in using our programmes and assist them in optimising and managing their processes.

One of our main goals is to combine our efforts in order for our Clients to be successful and reach their strategic goals. Our advice often helps solve critical situations that companies face on a daily basis.

We provide customs-related consulting services. These include consulting on the implementation of our customs software and its optimal use, allowing our clients to more efficiently manage their customs procedures.


Customs consulting services

  • Assessment of customs procedures and processes
  • Suggestions for the correction and optimisation of processes
  • Preliminary plan for the implementation of our programme
  • Assessment and specification of integration tasks
  • Functional support for users
  • Instructions and support in case of changes in the law


Our experienced and skilled professional team assure the success of our projects.

Basic support is available on our website. Recent news and information about changes in the law are posted there as well.

IT assessment is an additional service clients have access to. It ensures that our clients' systems are up-to-date and running efficiently.