eJövedék2017 Excise module

Excise software module
e-Jövedék as the Excise module of the CustomRs customs IT software provides reliable and up-to-date help in the following of the newest excise changes. Régens CustomRs


01/07/2017 has brought a huge change in the field of excise, because the Excise Act LXVIII. of 2016 and the 45/2016 (XI. 29) NGM Implementing Regulation provides the handling of an electronic excise register. 

Due to the obligation of electronic registration every Excise contractor has an increased liability, and the law makes it essential to use a reliable IT system. 

With the CustomRs e-Jövedék2017 excise module Régens Plc. offers a reliable and according to the new law designed software.



  • new excise master data handling (product balance, sort codes, title-codes, tax stamps titles, tax rates)
  • Electronic register of the tax warehouse (Annex 1 to 45/2016. (XI. 29) NGM Regulation)
  • Excise Electronic register (NGM Decree 45/2016 (XI. 29), Chapter VI.)
  • Electronic register for user licensee (Annex 2 to NGM Decree No 45/2016 (XI. 29))
  • Register of tax stamps (Of the Act)
  • Guarantee management
  • Daily report of tax warehouse by J28 
  • Registered trader register
  • Customer register


Solution for Excise registers!

The participants of the excise process (National Tax Office, Excise licensees, software houses) must be prepared for continuous changes, regulations and data management by the new regulation.

Our goal is to provide for excise licensees an electronic excise registration software, which manages the excise records in a transparent way, in a closed system, for NTCA control.



  • Easy to integrate
    The up-to-date register of excise products can be ensured by the integration with warehouse register systems.
  • Guarantee management
    The program automatically manages the time deposit and release of 5JA (excise tax).
    A detailed statement can be printed of the transactions of the guarantee limit.
  • EKO serial numbers
    The program uses the serial numbers of the EKO documents assigned in advance, preventing multiple use of the same serial number, thereby reducing the number of potential errors resulting from manual data recording.
    A statement can be made of the used serial numbers.
  • ANYK - Customer register
    The program automatically creates the data base of the customer register to be submitted through the ANYK program.
  • EMCS Comm integration
    The EKO and TKO documents are automatically created from the excise module in the EMCS system, which can be forwarded to the NTCA system through the EMCS application.
    The excise ID received from the NTCAsystem is automatically transferred to the excise registers
  • J28 data connection
    The excise program can produce a stock of daily data related to the tax warehouse that can be sent directly to the NTCA system. The program automatically determines what motion data is required on the KJIR channel based on motion.
  • Printing the delivery note
  • Register for tax stamps
    It supports the receipt and release of tax stamps notes for the new program module.

Supported registers

  • Customer register
  • Excise registers
  • Export/import excise register
  • Product balance
  • Transport register of Registered traders
  • Inventory declaration 
  • More lists and records

 EMCS Comm and e-Jövedék2017

Our offer can be a solution for those excise licensees, who want to solve the goods movements and the electronic register tasks with the help of a software.
The advantage of using the two softwares together: same master data handling and automatic transfer of EKO, delivery note, TKO messages from CustomRs software to EMCS software
The two softwares are completely aligned, so the process of transferring the data is also integrated into each process.
Both the e-Jövedék2017 excise module and also EMCS software meet the requirements of new excise changes, and because of our legal update service we will guarantee it for our customers in the future.

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Excise module of Régens