CustomRs Cloud



CustomRs Cloud is a complex IT solution to support customs clearance – including the software, customer support, IT infrastructure and operations alike. The stable, reliable IT background, flexible access and our supporting expert team guarantee a simple and quick solution.


Our cloud services are designed to offer professional infrastructure and operations for our software products, so that you can focus on your core activities and avoid any occurring problems.

The service is available for any computer with a browser and proper internet connectivity, even for mobile tools.


Our company has made the right decision when we chose the Régens cloud solutions. Their reliable service gives you security during your daily operation.

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CustomRs Cloud is available in 2 packages:


Basic Cloud Csomag

Start Cloud Package

Choose Start Cloud Package in case you want to handle your everyday customs clearance tasks via a professional solution and you want to put operations tasks in expert hands.

Start Cloud provides an easily accessible and convenient service at an affordable licence fee.

Private Cloud csomag

Pro Cloud Package

Pro Cloud Package supports complex customs clearance processes and guarantees high level availability (tools, experts, technical support).

Choose Pro Cloud Package in case you perform simplified procedure, customs warehousing, suspended payment or similar operations, or if customized services are highly important for you.

Both packages guarantee the highest level of data privacy, your data are accessible only to your properly authorised staff




Location-independent: reach your data anywhere, anytime with a simple internet connection 

No hardware and software investment costs 

Additional tasks (maintenance, upgrade) are on us

Predictable costs

Comprehensive IT support 

Secure information management

Available customer service

Master data and version updates 



Who is CustomRs Start Cloud for?

CustomRs Start Cloud Package is recommended for you, if:

  • you need a professional customs IT solution with low initial investments:
    • you prefer a rental construction;
    • you would like to leave  the operation of IT operation to a professional team; 
    • cannot provide the necessary IT maintenance and database expert availability on your own;
  • you want to save time on master data and version updates; 
  • you have standard commercial customs procedures;
  • you have no more than 5,000 transactions/year (standard EVs, NCTS, ÁRUREG announcements);

  • you plan to have a maximum of 5 users

CustomRs Start Cloud Package Content

  • Customers Start software lease
  • Legal compliance
  • Warranty
  • Customer service 8: 00- 17:00 (helpdesk and hotline)
  • Master data updates
  • Continuous software upgrade (installing new versions)
  • IT infrastructure and maintenance 
  • Database operation and maintenance
  • Daily data backup

CustomRs Start Cloud Package functionality

  • Precalculation
  • EV record filling
  • AIS / AES link: import customs clearances in standard processes, export customs clearances in standard and simplified procedures, with electronic declaration
  • Printouts (Calculation, Declaration of Customs Value, EV Annex, Letter of Guarantee, Export Accompanying Document, Exit Certification, Electronic Order)
  • ÁRUREG (arrival, start, divide, merge)
  • NCTS start and arrival (deposit management - TC31 / TC33)
  • Shipment certificates EUR.1 and A.TR
  • T5 control document
  • Temporary warehousing records
  • Master data maintenance (eg. goods, partner, customs-related masters(customs offices, HS Codes)
  • Deposit management
  • Rich selection of predefined reports

 Who is CustomRs Pro Cloud for?

CustomRs Pro Cloud Package is recommended for you, if any of the followings have a high importance:

  • Fault-tolerant, dedicated infrastructure (virtual private network, virtual servers with exclusive use);
  • High availability (7x24 system access);
  • Fast processing of large amount of data;
  • Complex business processes and interfaces to your ERP;
  • High level customer support services;
  • Short recovery time, minimal data loss in case of a system failure;

Pro Cloud can be further customized to your needs. If you are interested, our consultants are happy to help you.

CustomRs Pro Cloud Package content

Customers Pro Cloud Package’s content is customized to your specific needs. Service elements can be selected flexibly and we are open to constantly expand our range of services.

Functionality of CustomRs in CustomRs Pro Cloud Package

CustomRs Professional supports a wide range of customs clearance activities from basic processes to complex business customs procedures and warehouse management. CustomRs Pro Cloud Package is available for you with customized features in order to perfectly fit to your needs.


Licence fee

Service fee is scaled to your needs, depending on:

  • Number of users
  • Contract period
  • Software functionality



CustomRs Start Cloud
1 éves hűségidő




Monthly price, Ft (/user) 43 000  36 000  32 000 



CustomRs Start Cloud

2 éves hűségidő





Monthly price, Ft (/user)

38 700 

32 400 

28 800 



CustomRs Pro Cloud


according to needs

Monthly price, Ft (/user)

egyedi árazás


The above fees do not include VAT.

Example: 12 months agreement, 3 users: 43000 HUF + VAT for the first user, 2 x 36000 HUF + VAT for two additional users, i.e. a total fee of 43000 + 72000 = 115 000 HUF + VAT / month