Hungary's no.1. customs clearance software
Custom[R]s is a professional customs clearance software, supporting the standard and simplified commercial customs procedures in compliance with current legislation. Custom[R]s by Régens


Our software is recommended for companies whom a stable and predictable service is very important, not only the application itself. 

As the system has an up-to-date structure and is easy to integrate, it is also recommended for all companies who would like to align their customs activities with their business processes and ERP systems in a flexible and cost-effective way.


Why choose Custom[R]s?

Compliance, automatically tracked and updated with changes in legislation affecting customs clearance procedures

The modular structure of Custom[R]s and the integrated functions ensure transparency of customs procedures with a special focus on avoiding duplicate entries

Reliable and stable backbone

Reduced overhead costs and high productivity thanks to less manual data entry and errors 


Customisation and flexibility (multi-layer parameters) of the program results in the optimisation of daily operational tasks



  • Easy to integrate
  • Client-server and multi-org architecture
    Multiple organisations can use the same programme while remaining independent of other branches' operation of the programme. The data of each organisation is stored separately in a secure way, providing additional stability in service-provisioning. 
  • Based on Oracle database
    Provides a good basis for the smooth and secure operation of the application, even when handling large amounts of data.
  • Task-driven 
    Our IT solution is a task-driven application, where customs agents can see the processes broken down into tasks. Some of the tasks are related to current customs activities (release for free circulation, export customs clearance, etc.) or the customs activities of particular periods (guarantee limit monitoring, authorisation maintenance).
  • User-friendly interface
    Contains consistent markings and clearly arranged windows.
  • Access rights can be defined at many levels
    Access rights can be defined at many levels and set in the user screen in a flexible way. 
  • Flexible processes
    Many functions are custom-defined. This allows for processes to be adjusted to clients' needs during installation of the programme.

 Function descriptions


Supported customs procedures

Release for free circulation according to standard and simplified procedure with local customs clearance

Export according to standard and simplified procedure with local customs clearance

Customs warehousing according to standard and simplified procedure with local customs clearance

Inward processing (suspension system, drawback system) according to standard and simplified procedure; account setup

Outward processing according to standard procedure; account setup

Processing under Customs Control according to standard and simplified procedure with local customs clearance

Transit procedure


The VAT Warehouse module manages and processes data in accordance with the relevant regulations. The warehousing documents of both inbound and outbound items can be printed directly from the invoice.

NCTS/ÁRUREG Creating NCST or ÁRUREG messages manually or based on EV documents.

Automatic Import System/Automatic Export System – Régens was the first to offer to its Customers, within the Hungarian e-customs program, the possibility of e-customs (electronic customs) clearance without EV documents.

Joining the AIS/AES system made it easier and faster for our Customers to manage their daily customs clearance activities.

Printable documents

              Export Accompanying Document (EAD)

              Item List

              Confirmation of Exit

              Confirmation of e-customs 

EBEJ After setting the parameters of the EBEJ obligation, we generate an automatic EBEJ message based on the local register.
EV Document

Normal EV documents can be created directly based on the data of the invoice, or manually; the option of EV copying is also provided.

In case more than one invoice belongs to a shipment, the uniform EV documents can be created for each of them with a click of a button.

Documents printable from EV document

              Calculation (Itemized and Aggregate)

              Consignment list


              Customs Value Disclosure Statement

              EV attachment

              KVD attachment

              Letter of guarantee

Additional declaration In case of simplified procedure, local customs clearance, the program automatically creates the Additional declarations. A message alerts the user on the day of creating the declaration to complete the accounting.
Delivery certificates

By automatically receiving the data of the invoices and EV documents, the EUR1 and A.TR documents can be created.

Additional documents CMR, T5

Temporary storage Temporary storage can be conducted automatically by copying the data of the NCTS/ÁRUREG documents. The program sends a notification about the deadline of the temporary register, and a detailed statement can be created of the register data.
Guarantee Limit Management

The program automatically manages timed deposits and releases, eliminating manual data registration (guarantee limit management), thereby reducing the potential number of errors and releasing user capacity.

Daily limit log and a detailed transaction list can be printed about the guarantee limit transactions.

Environmental product fees Providing the KVD data can be set as default by ordering it to the tariff item number and the item number. Invoice – within that, Item – can be created of the KVD data.
Customs Bond Register The possibility of creating statements of the used customs bonds, thereby eliminating the need for manual register.
Customs duty calculation

We provide direct access to TARIC from the program when performing customs clearance.

In case of rate based customs items, the program automatically performs the customs duty calculation.

An Itemized and Summary calculation form can be created from the calculation data.

The pre-calculation function offers the option of creating a tariff calculation before the customs clearance.

Guarantee Declaration

A Guarantee Declaration can be created manually or based on the EV document data.

The management of the guarantee limit belonging to the guarantee permission is also automatic.

A statement is created about the issued guarantees.

INTRASTAT An Intrastat report can be created in the format and with the content required by the Central Statistical Office.
Interface module Data is automatically processed with the use of the Interface module, thereby reducing the number of potential errors and the time spent on customs clearance. 
Summary declaration Entry and exit summary declaration.
Production module

Management of the inventory of the custom cleared materials, the produced products, and the delivered goods.

BOM, material list management
Production Report

Creating automatic accounting


Additional modules

Event manager

Event Manager is a module that contains a business logic that forwards messages (SMS and/or email) with pre-specified parameters through a specific channel to the addressees, when pre-defined events have occurred.


Excise module

The Excise module of the Custom[R]s customs IT software provides reliable help for the management of the registers required by the Excise Act. The module provides reliable and up-to-date help in the following of the newest excise changes.


Hungary's No.1. Customs clearance software!