Régens REGadó

An efficient solution to fulfill your obligation of registration tax notification

According to current regulation, there is a registration tax to be paid when a car is placed on the market for the first time; and there is also a notification obligation connected to the case. Although you can fill out the form with the application AbevJava, it is important to emphasise that if there is a big number of notifications at the same time, the administrative tasks can put a lot of weight on enterprises’ shoulders.

With our software, you can fill out the registration tax form fast and easily; and the administration can be carried out electronically up until receiving the decision. Thanks to the simple and unique interface, and the opportunity to set up default options, the data are fully transparent, easily accessible, structured and easy to query.

The system sends the data directly through the communication channel of NAV, and handles the replies sent back automatically; that’s how it enables full administration.

Why choose Régens REGadó

  • Easy-to-use interface and default options to help you fill out the form
  • Automated NAV communication
  • Unique interfaces
  • Transparent and structurable data, which can be exported according to your needs
  • Modern, user-friendly design
  • Thanks to the web interface, you can access it anywhere, anytime
  • You don’t need to install the programme