Event manager

Event Manager is a module that contains a business logic that forwards messages (SMS and/or email) with pre-specified parameters through a specific channel to the addressees, when pre-defined events have occurred.

By sending notifications related to customs activities, the event management application is a support tool in the daily operative work, whereby the administrative tasks and the time spent on them can be reduced, and the required notifications reach the notified parties in the shortest possible time.

Such timed events can be the processing of the electronic decision, to which we can set an automatic notification order: the system can send emails to specified Colleagues in the system, or to certain Customers, as an attachment of which the document itself can also be sent.


Why choose Custom[R]s Event Manager?

  •  automatic notification

  • l

    ess administration, time effectiveness


  • simple, paperless sharing of customs documents

  • continuous monitoring, immediate notification


Event Description
Events linked to communication
Stopped communication If the communication service stops, an SMS or email notification is sent about it to the specified colleague.
Messages run on errors If the electronic reply message received from the customs office during the processing of the message is unsuccessful, a notification is sent to the specified colleague.
Communication web-service error Notification about an unsuccessful connection to the customs office system, or about an error that occurred during message management.
Events related to NCTS start-up
NCST start-up – Goods clearance (with TrKO sending) A notification related to the arrival of the message of the NCST launch IE29 Goods clearance (the goods transit accompanying document can be forwarded as an email attachment)
NCST start-up – Upcoming notification deadline   Sending a notification to a partner based on "Non-exempt start-ups" timed task, or to a colleague, with respect to an upcoming deadline.
Events related to import customs clearance
EV – AIS: issuable Notification about the processing of Issuable reply message in case of Import goods declaration
EV – AIS: Electronic decision Notification about the arrival of Electronic decision in case of Import goods declaration (the decision pdf file can be forwarded as an email attachment)
Local inventory – Goods clearance Notification about the fact of registration in the local customs clearance inventory, with the forwarding of the goods clearance document.
Temporary storage – exit Notification about the exit of temporary storage inventory
Events related to export customs clearance
EV – AES: Goods clearance (with KKO sending) Notification about the processing of Goods clearance message in the electronic exit procedure (the KKO document can be forwarded as an email attachment)
EV – AES: Exit confirmation  Notification about the processing of the Exit confirmation in the Electronic exit procedure (the Exit confirmation document can be sent as an email attachment)
Custom notifications

In addition to general notifications, the application can flexibly be customized to the needs of our Customers, and can be developed based on the notification order of their unique processes.

Such unique process can be the monitoring of functions supported by interface, the reporting of statuses of automated processes, and the forwarding of any notification linked to any part of the customs clearance processes.