Basic System – Stable foundation for customs clearance!

Unified Customs Document

Manage unified customs documents in the simplest possible way, as our program supports the filling in with basic defaults, auxiliary options, and helps to avoid errors by checking the correlation.

Forms that are essential for the administration of your work:

Accurate, real-time records at all times - tracking movements of customs deposits, deferred payment easing bank guarantees, or cash in hand guarantees

Post-clearance amendment request - post-clearance amendments of import or export clearance can be made electronically.


NAs the CustomRs customs clearance software supports standard and simplified procedures, you can quickly ship or receive a shipment with just a few clicks.

Manage TC31/TC33 or TC32 guarantee vouchers, automatically keep records of customs charges incurred on goods shipped, multi-actor control process.

Time is money!
The system monitors the following for you: the deadline of presentation, the customs seals used, the authorized goods locations, and the amount of bank guarantee that can be used.

Recording temporary storage

If you want the CustomRs customs clearance software, it can work instead of you: from the release of the shipment to the completion of customs clearance, the data flow is automatic.

Do you want to designate several sites as temporary storage facilities? Keeping records by authorized location code makes it easy to provide the authorities with information.

Movement of goods between temporary storage facilities.

Standard certificates

But what happens before the customs document is issued? Accurate recording of invoice data is made possible by the Standard Certificates function - with item-level management.

Save time! - Prepare in advance with forecasted shipment (Pre-Alert) data, so that the arrival of the shipment no longer means extra work.


One of the key elements of the modernisation of the National Import System (NIS) is the transition to the data requirements of the EU Customs Code related regulations, i.e. the Delegated Act and the Implementing Act - Annex B of the UCC-FJA and UCC-IU

The module supports

    • basic procedures,
    • subsequent amendments
    • electronic message exchanges related to the invalidation of the goods declaration

The completion of the declaration is supported by a number of functions, such as


Optional modules

BNYNY module

Simplification at its best

Clearing customs by registering the declarant is indeed a simplification for you if you choose the CustomRs customs clearance software.

CustomRs pays attention and takes over the work if needed!

Transfer of goods within a few clicks!

Customs warehouse module

For Type I and Type II customs warehousing authorizations (standard and simplified), either as part of a logistics service or for the purpose of production servicing


Pays attention instead of you if needed

Accurate stock records

    • Inventory reduction can be done according to FIFO principle
    • Full or partial clearance of an invoice can be performed
    • Withdrawal can be carried out for a given stock line
    • Stocking and
    • Stock removal documents can be printed or sent by e-mail even automatically

VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) warehouse operation is the plan?

By designing a complete work-flow process, data consistency is guaranteed.

VAT warehouse module

Domestic supply of goods without paying tax? The answer is yes!

If you have a VAT warehouse warrant, you can benefit from a significant reduction or even exemption from VAT and product charges!

Who can benefit from a VAT warehouse?

However, as the tax warehouse is a warehouse authorized by customs for tax warehousing, many entrepreneurs are reluctant to use the facility, even if the model would be beneficial for their cash flow.

At the same time, with a well-designed, integrated, and automated process, tax warehouse administration and record-keeping can be minimized, and, in addition, records can be created that are documented in accordance with legal requirements.

How can the CustomRs customs clearance software’s VAT warehouse module support your business?


The accounting and documentation of hundreds of daily VAT warehouse stock movements would have been unimaginable without the automated warehouse data integration and reporting to the NAV, integrated into the VAT warehouse module of Régens.

Tamás Hegyi Vámkapu Zrt.

Standard interface module

Our interface module helps you to load electronically available data quickly and easily.

Whether it's item, partner, or invoice data, it can be prepared within a moment, so you can concentrate on your professional tasks instead of data entry.

Automatic notifications module

Your customs clearance solution can send an informative email or even a text message for you. That way, you'll be sure not to forget to send a notification email.

Depending on who needs to be notified, you can flexibly set the following parameters:

What notifications can you send? Here are some examples:

Manufacturing module

Whether it's a specific purpose license or an active processing license, our program provides full and accurate support.

Without tables? Up-to-date management of records, even fully automatically.

Wrong customs procedure? Customs clearance under the simplified procedure can be carried out under the control of the goods specified in the customs activity authorization.

Ability to manage the consumption of raw materials used for production, the entry into stock of semi-finished or finished products produced, in accordance with a production management system. As this is not a customs administrator competence, these can be done automatically, even in an integrated way.

The customs procedures for clearing automatically reduce stock, preparing the clearing statement to be submitted to the customs office in the background.


Accounting tailored to your needs! Customs or even production activities may require an adjustment to the accounting methodology. The parameters associated with the module are adapted to you, or if not, we adapt them to you.

Goods declaration with reduced data content module

The European Union has abolished the VAT exemption threshold for small consignments as of 1 July 2021. Therefore, a customs declaration must be submitted for each shipment arriving in the European Union.

Duty-free goods up to a value limit of €150 can be cleared through the e-Customs system using a reduced declaration (H7).

Bulk quantity? A basic function of the module is to import hundreds of packages of information into the program (via csv or API)

Support for VAT declaration and payment methods

Is there a new business opportunity on the horizon? The program certainly does the job, even clearing millions of parcels a month.


We started working with Régens Zrt. on the introduction of e-commerce in 2021. They helped us in the system level development. In Ghibli, they were a great help in developing the new market with their integrated, modern system. The ongoing developments are also being unfolded in line with our unique, specific requirements.

Zoltán Szabó Ghibli Kft.

Report Manager module

Awareness, Predictability – business planning based on the right data

Instead of making spreadsheets, extract the data you need from the data set.

You design the statement, the module does the rest for you


Businesses with a Hungarian tax number that import or export goods from or to an EU country (above a certain threshold) are required to submit monthly electronic data.

Based on the invoice data related to the import or sale of goods, the program easily generates the statistical data file to be submitted.


Optional services

Data integration - The workforce of today

Data integration means convenience, accuracy, and extra time for you!

    • Transmits the decision to pay public charges to the financial system
    • Feedback on the fact of payment
    • Contact for access to accurate stock
    • Discrepancy management
    • Automatic release for free circulation
    • Automatic digital archiving of customs documents

Hence your professionals can really focus on quality work with the help of CustomRs customs clearance software solution!

Personalized functionality

Haven't found the right module?

We tailor our software to your specific processes, adding new features according to your needs to ensure your daily workflow runs smoothly.